The Klein Financial Corporation team has the most extensive experience in California affordable multifamily housing development and finance of any company actively involved in development and financial structuring of bond-financed projects.  Its competitive advantages in knowledge and experience provide Klein Financial clients with (1) a substantial reduction in development risks and (2) a significant enhancement of an investment’s profit potential.  Klein Financial Corporation’s team includes principals and senior staff with outstanding and/or unequaled experience in the following areas:

  1. Public investment banking;
  2. Affordable housing legislation;
  3. Affordable housing regulatory program development;
  4. Affordable housing development;
  5. Infrastructure bond structuring and development experience with affordable, multifamily housing development;
  6. Tax credit CPA and structuring experience (although Klein Financial does not function as a CPA);
  7. Legal/financial and entitlements/assistance structuring (although Klein Financial does not provide legal services);
  8. Affordable housing lending experience;
  9. Affordable housing construction experience;
  10. Energy conservation experience for affordable housing;
  11. Seismic issues experience for affordable housing;
  12. Environmental issues experience for affordable housing;
  13. Federal, state, and local government subsidy program experience;
  14. Local government consulting experience with affordable housing;
  15. Special entitlement program experience for affordable housing;
  16. Compliance issues for tax credits;
  17. Specialized federal and tax law experience;
  18. Asset management experience for affordable housing;
  19. Extensive credit enhancement experience for affordable housing;
  20. Interest rate risk management and hedging experience;
  21. Arbitrage structuring and compliance experience;
  22. Construction period loan structuring experience;
  23. Pool, conduit structuring and pool commitment experience for affordable housing;
  24. Congregate and assisted care prototype experience for development of projects serving the elderly;
  25. Architectural, land planning and plan development control experience for affordable housing;
  26. Proprietary marketing programs and manuals;
  27. Program development;
  28. Value-added acquisition and rehabilitation programs elevating projects to an institutional quality;
  29. Community and project security resolution; and,
  30. Water conservation programs.