2020 marks a time in our lives that requires us to make distinct choices in order to become agents of change in our world, not only for ourselves but for the welfare of this country. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others are the grievous casualties of a broken system that has allowed senseless acts of violence and the normalization of institutionalized racism. It is our duty, our privilege to stand against these unjust acts and look for opportunities to transform the country and heal this divide.

For over a decade, the Affordable Housing program has been a key component of all Klein Financial Corporation properties to create Fair Housing housing opportunities for residents with a diverse range of incomes and backgrounds in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento, and the Bay Area. It is our firm belief that a person’s ethnicity should not affect their rights or treatment in this country, and we are committed to actionable steps and continual education in order to build a better tomorrow.

Voting is another powerful tool to enact new policies and bills that reform the imbalances in our current law enforcement, education, and housing systems. The voting education website, www.Ballotpedia.com is an informative tool to discover local and national representatives and legislation that will effect change. Non-profit organizations such as www.colorofchange.org and www.joincampaignzero.org are primarily focused on campaigns dedicated to restoring racial equality and justice on regional, statewide, and national levels.

As we continue to seek out more opportunities to learn, vote, and advocate for change, we invite you to join us in this effort.

“Empathy is not simply a matter of trying to imagine what others are going through, but having the will to muster enough courage to do something about it. In a way, empathy is predicated upon hope.” – Cornel West